Customer Supplied Artwork



What Electronic Formats Are Accepted?


All computer generated artwork must be PC based (not MAC) and in vector format, created by a


vector based graphics program such as Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator. Our file format of preference is Corel Draw Or Adobe Illustrator (AI files)


We also accept some Adobe Photoshop Files.


When submitting electronic artwork make sure that all text has been converted to curves or outlines and that all outlines are set to scale and when using multiple colors in your design please send 2 files. The 1st file is for reference and needs to be in the colors that you want printed.


 We will match ink colors as close as possible.


We Can Not guarantee exact color matches due to variances in computer monitors and printers.


If you have more than 1 color in the design you may separate the colors in to CMYK .



Can I Create Artwork Using Microsoft Office Programs? NO


Microsoft Word, Excel, Works, Publisher and Power Point are not vector based graphics programs meaning that artwork created in these programs can not be used for screen printing.


The files can be used as a point of reference but more than likely the artwork will need to be recreated with art charges.


Are Web-Base Images Acceptable?


Web-based images such as JPEG, GIF, TIF and BMP are not acceptable formats. They can be used as a reference but will more than likely incur art charges in order for the artwork to be recreated. The cost for vectorizing an image is $10 -$45 depending on complexity of the artwork



Are images created on other T-Shirt Sites Acceptable?


Designs that you have or create from online sites can be used for reference only. Designs sent from other sites are unacceptable for artwork and will need to be recreated. It is not considered as art ready. Fonts will be matched closely as possible and images will be replaced with similar images.   WE DO NOT RECOMMEND GETTING ART FROM OTHER SITES.



Can I use my own fonts?


We will be happy to use fonts that you provide, however you will need to convert all fonts to curves or lines before sending your art. If you do not or can not convert the fonts to lines or curves you must email us the font file that your design was created with.


To email a font file -


Click on the start menu on your computer, click control panel, click fonts, select the font file and save it to your desktop. Then attach the font file in your email.


If you do not provide us with your fonts, we will match the fonts as closely as possible.



FYI: the advantage vector files have over raster files is that they can be reduced to postage stamp size or

enlarged to the size of a billboard while remaining sharp!




RASTER ART includes files done in Photoshop such as tiff, jpeg or illustrator files that may have been exported to jpeg files. Please save 1 color artwork in bitmap option at a resolution of 300 dpi or higher. Saving artwork at a lower resolution will result in very choppy looking artwork.


All artwork generated by TnT Web and Grafix will be submitted via email in jpg or pdf. for art approval. No

printing will be done until we receive an electronic approval via email.


Please feel free to contact our Art Department with any questions regarding the submission of artwork. This could possibly save you money and production time.


SHOP – (252) 289-8846


Can you do the art work for me?


Our Art Department would prefer to do Your artwork for you. It is always best to have original artwork designed by the the company that will be printing your design. That way you’ll get excellent results.










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