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Vinyl Vehicle Wraps can be used either as a long-term advertisement or as a short-term promotion for specific products or special events. The best part is—you decide where and when to advertise.

•Create an eye-catching design that prominently features both your business name and    contact details.

•Make sure your phone number and the text are large enough to see from a distance.

•Don’t use a typeface or font that is hard to read.

•Use contrasting colors that are easy to see from a distance.

•Advertising on the back of the vehicle to reach drivers sitting behind you.

•Your graphic should include a call-to-action: phone number, address, website, etc.


The Stats


The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) says that more than 95 percent of Americans are reached by media targeting vehicle drivers and passengers. More than 95 percent…let that sink in for a moment. Can you think of any other form of advertising that can make that claim?


 Five solid reasons a car wrap is great for business:


1.Unmatched visibility to potential customers

2.Leaves a lasting impression

3.A colorful, eye-catching mobile billboard

4.Very cost effective marketing tool

5.Levels the playing field between small and big business


Which is best for your needs a Full Wrap, Partial wrap or Custom graphics and lettering?

A full vehicle wrap pertains to bumper to bumper vinyl graphics and design. Full wraps are ideal for large promotional, eye-catching graphics designed to completely transform the color and pattern of the car. Full wraps also take advantage of the multiple angles that a potential prospect may view your vehicle, therefore increasing the amount of impressions that are received.

Partial vehicle wrap require less material and are a more economic solution for small or large fleets. Partial wraps allow for your company’s logo and contact information to be displayed on the most important areas of your car, while lowering the overall cost for the project.

Custom car Graphics and lettering
 are the most economical wrap that uses cut lettering with a partial digitally printed graphics. TnT designers will use the vehicle’s shape and color to come up with a creative design to deliver your business’s message to the world.

Vehicle Wrap FAQ'S

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